Question No UEFI on Qosmio x875-Q7280. Neccesary?

Apr 21, 2021
Hello to all! I own a Toshiba Qosmio x875-Q7280 that I purchased new in 2011.
During these years there have been many BIOS versions have been released but I haven't installed any because I was afraid to ruin it as once I upgraded the BIOS and my laptop started to overheat. Hopefully I was able to do a downgrade and never attempted to perform a a BIOS update again (I'm currently on BIOS version 1.30 released in 2012).
I have W10 that I upgraded from W8.1 (installed on top of W7 that was the original Windows version I got with the laptop)
I know my overall performance can improve if I do a clean W10 install. I have just purchased a 480GB SSD and a 2TB traditional spinning hard drive as this laptop can take 2 internal discs.
I have been hearing about UEFI and that UEFI is necessary if someday I want to install a disc larger than 2TB. My laptop doesn't have any option in the BIOS for enabling UEFI. It is somewhere in one of the BIOS updates that have been released during all these years.
So guys, do you recommend upgrading BIOS? Is it neccesary? Does it improve Windows 10 performance? I read somewhere that BIOS upgrade can eliminate some problems with the GPU and NVidia cards specially. Currently I have my NVIDIA GTX 670M disabled as it is causing BSOD... Maybe a BIOS upgrade can fix the problem?
Please let me know what you think.
Thank you so much!