No video after swapping components? Mobo issue?


Dec 31, 2017
I've been swapping processors and other components around in my system and now when I boot I have no video from my motherboard I/O or from my GPU. The system has an asrock h110m-itx motherboard, 8gb (4x2gb) gskill ram, msi gtx 1050ti and an i5 7600k. It was working before but I was swapping components around testing another motherboard to see if it was working and now my original board seems to boot fine (fans spin up and everything seems to be normal) but there is no video from any output to my monitor. Any thoughts? The issue still persists even after all the same components are in/connected to the board. I tested the CPU, GPU, RAM, and the PSU in another system and they all work fine. I can provide additional info in replies if needed.


Dec 6, 2017
- Try removing and reseating the CMOS battery to clear your CMOS
- Can you get it to work with boot with integrated video? (no graphics card installed)
- Is everything plugged into the motherboard as it should be?
- Try booting with one stick of RAM
- Do you have a speaker you can install on the board so you can get beeps? It is very useful for issues where you have no video. POST diagnostic cards are also great if you have one
- Try installing the RAM, power connectors, and graphics card into the non functioning board with a little extra force

I don't think there is anything wrong with the parts, sometimes you have to reinstall things a few times to get them to work. I see this more on cheaper motherboards. It's either the motherboard or the installation.

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