[SOLVED] No video display after restarting pc or exiting bios? (Ryzen 5000)

Tyrone Blue

Jun 1, 2016
Hi, I recently upgraded from an old intel system (4690k, z97 platform) to a ryzen 5000 system, and have been encountering some strange behavior, mainly with rebooting and going into the bios.

I have had really no trouble with my system while it's in use, but anytime there's a reboot or something the screen will go black and say "no signal detected". I won't be able to get a video back until I either hard shutdown the computer or hit the reset switch one or two times.

I have encountered this issue when I enter the bios at all, the computer will always show the bios screen without fail, and I can always enter the bios from a reboot or cold start, but if it's going from a windows restart or exiting from the bios it will stay black after the bios screen and my monitors will say that there's no signal detected.

I have also encountered the same issue when I update my graphics card drivers. The screen will flicker black like it normally would when updating, but it won't recover. It will stay black until I reset the computer. I let the computer sit for a few minutes just in case it was still updating with the screen off, and when I restarted the pc it said that the driver was successfully updated. It seems like for some reason the card won't display output if it is disconnected briefly or something, I don't quite understand.

System is:
Ryzen 5 5600x
MSI B550 Tomahawk (latest Agesa bios)
Evga GTX 1070 FTW
4x8 Crucial Ballistix 3600 cas 16 ram (running at correct speed and timings)
WD Blue 1tb M.2 NVMe SSD
Corsair RMx 750 PSU

Thanks for any help!