Question No video from GTX 970


Mar 9, 2013
I have literally listed it on ebay already but I wanted to run it by you guys first.

My gtx 970 palit 4gb card has no video on a new build. New mobo new evga psu 600W and 4gb RAM new cpu ryzen.

Just replaced thermal paste today and as rock bios did show for 2 seconds and then disappeared when i rebooted it, couldn't get it to show again making me think is the card actually faulty? it was also the same problem on a previous gigabyte board with completely all different components again so i believe it may be down to the card being faulty?

When i unplug the pcie cables to the card the bios does display on screen saying please connect power cables when i insert cables no signal to monitor again. i will clarify again that it is not the psu as on a previous system it also did the same thing with another psu.

already reset cmos and different monitors and cables etc. Yes, the fans are spinning on the card and also the led for the fans.

Please let me know what you think, thanks
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