[SOLVED] No video input and reboot cycles - what to change in my old tower

Mar 8, 2019
Hello there,
I wanted to buy a new computer but before that reading this pro forum again made me want to check a little more my broken tower.

I had some issue with the computer booting with no video input. But i could hear the sound of windows booting. Just black screen.

Changed screens, hdmi cable. Nothing.

My computer was dusty so, i cleaned the computer , took out some parts ( video card, ram etc) and put it backup

- now the computer reboot in cycles after few seconds( variable) and ofcourse no screen input.
( tho , i once i could see for few seconds the starting motherboard screen right at the start and then it disapeared)

But in the past when it still worked : the computer used to also go in booting cycle back when it worked when it was in sleep mode . The fan would start and it seems it was kind of booting up for a few seconds but then it would shut down for 10-15minutes and redo the cycle. Also sometime it would boot but then nothing would show up and i would reboot and it would start for real.
In the early years it would stay in sleep mode for a long periode without problems and no booting problems.

- so i m thinking i might have burnt something while cleaning?
or reconnected incorrectly ?
or maybe the video card is out, or the motherboard wich already had issues is too old now. Or a little bit of everything....

Do you have any idea for a fix ?
Do you think i should just buy something new?
Or reuse some component and buy some other new ones ?

Here is my current 8 years old computer build :

- https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/LTnQHh

And if i change stuff , tho the computer could still play or do mostly everything i would like it to be even more efficient if possible : here is a budget build ?

- https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/HjDg7W

Thanks 🙏🏼


If it worked before you took it apart, then the most likely thing is something is not hooked in properly, or you damaged something. Nothing we can check over the internet, get someone near you that knows about computers to look it over.

The boot issues you had before sound like a power supply issue or a motherboard issues.

The build you picked is fine, especially considering it's Canadian currency and prices.