Dec 29, 2012
Hey all. This is the first computer of mine built, and after finally getting it together I plugged in the monitor only to find that my Philips LCD monitor displays a message saying: "No Video Input," then goes into sleep mode. I checked the cable connections, and everything seems fine. What is the issue here?

On another hand, I just had a question involving the front panel connector cables that came with my case. There doesn't seem to be anything labeled speaker!. There is a double-sided 4pin Molex connector included in the same bundle of cables as those mentioned above that I didn't use as I was unsure as to what it was used for. Could this be part of the problem above? What is this connector used for?

My last minor question is when does the POST test occur? I haven't configured any OS or BIOS (seeing as the monitor fails to cooperate), so I was wondering when the POST test will occur and what signs I should look out for in order to make sure my PC passed.

TL;DR Why is my monitor displaying "No Video Input?" Why does my case seem to come without an internal speaker, and what is the 4 pin molex connector left over used for? When does the POST test occur and what should I look for in it?

My Specs:
Asus Z77 Motherboard
Coolermaster Extreme 2 Power Supply
Intel i7 3770k Processor
GeForce GTX 680 Graphics Card
Philips 21.5" LCD Monitor
Barracuda 1TB Harddrive
Samsung 120gb SSD
Lite-On Optical Drive

Thanks, Community