Question No video or USB, all fans spinning

Apr 7, 2022
First post, so apologies if there's any breach of etiquette here, and for my overall lack of knowledge/vocabulary.

I had a desktop PC in storage for several years, built by myself in a past life when I knew more about computers. (TLDR/TMI, had a head injury, forgot a ton, ergo tech support from the [redacted] who built it kind of sucks these days).

I tried to set it back up: MOBO lights up, all fans spin (CPU, case fans, GPU), case lights up, power button works. Beeps sound normal.

No HDMI output from GPU or MOBO. Tested with graphics card attached and detached. Tested with multiple monitors. Tried DVI instead. Tried a different HDMI cable.

No lights on USB accessories, such as keyboards - they aren't being powered when connected. Tried USB ports on the case and directly off the MOBO.

Does it sound like a MOBO or PSU issue? Power supply was plenty "amp"le for the computer back in the day, but I don't know if time in a damp storage environment may have corroded anything on the MOBO or PSU end, or somewhere in between.

Nothing appears loose - but I don't trust my judgement or memory that much either. I reckon if fans and lights are going on the case and graphics card (when it's attached), they must be getting at least some power - but the USB ports in particular aren't happy.

Me lost, brain hurt. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Can you try and parse the specs to your build, like so:

It could be a PSU issue but that's all based on assumptions right now. Often times if you strip the system to it's bare minimum and then try powering up with your existing PSU, and it powers up, then either the PSU lacks the necessary power for all components or you have a faulty hardware.