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Question No video output after modular PSU upgrade


Dec 14, 2012
So heres my problem...

I was running a Ryzen 3600 on a Asrock X570m Pro4, 2x8GB, Aerocool Project 7 240mm AIO, a fast gen 4 M.2 SSD, RX 5700 Red Devil, Deepcool DA600 PSU, all in a Silencio S400 case...

Then I got a new case, XPG Battlecruiser, and a new PSU, XPG CORE REACTOR 850w, full modular.

I've being building PCs since 2010, so I think I can get It. Still...

After building It all back into the new case with the new PSU, there was no video output from the GPU anymore.

I went to double check every connection and cable. Everything was on it's intended place, so I took everything not essential out, left only one stick of RAM, put back stock CPU cooler, reseat GPU, got old PSU back on It, still nothing.

The diagnostic LEDs all go red then off, HD activity led flashes as If it is booting Windows... Still I get no vídeo output, not even pre boot, cant get into BIOS, which I already cleaned...

I've noticed that the new PSU have 5 connectors all labelled as "CPU & GPU", the manual don't say nothing about how to connect it, but of course the CPU mobo cable is different from the GPU PCIe Power cable, and I checked that I plugged everything right.

I really thinking that the new PSU damaged my GPU, still I'm out of time to keep trying to troubleshoot this build...

I'm a bit terrified because I'm in Brazil and everything PC wise here costs double, so I may face like 700 dollars of damage if its only the GPU plus PSU replacement.

I'm going after a low power GPU tomorrow to try to pinpoint the damaged parts.

Any ideas? I'm kind worried