Question No Video Output After Thermal Reapplication


Dec 30, 2016

To start off, this is my family's computer and upon checking CPU temperatures, it was reaching 90+ C from just web browsing. So I unplugged everything and discharged the PC before I began working on it. I proceeded to remove the motherboard socket brackets and ram so that I could safely twist the heatsink off. I then wiped off the thermal paste and applied Arctic Mx-4 (Non Conductive) to the CPU, just a pea size amount. I reseated everything back to its proper place, but upon booting, no video output is being displayed to the monitor nor do the keyboard and mice have any power. The motherboard does seem to be powering everything attached to it as I can see the fans spinning and heat being dispersed from the CPU. I've had this problem before and I fixed it by reseating the ram multiple times and it would randomly start booting again, but in this case I am not sure if this may be the problem again. One thing I can say is that after letting the Pc run like this for a few minutes, the ram does not seem to be giving off any heat. Does it heat up even when the system is giving off no video output?

Here are some things I already tried:
Reseating the CPU and RAM
Replugged the cables in and outside of the PC
Discharged and let it sit for 20 Minutes
Cleaned the CPU pins and socket

Yet, still the same result.

Dont have another PC to test these parts as they are not compatible.

OS: Windows 10
Motherboard: A78M-E35 V2
HDD: Seagate Baracuda 1TB
CPU: AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7
RAM: FuryX DDR3 8gb

Thank you