Question No Video Output (From Anything)

Oct 23, 2020
Hi Everyone,

Whist doing some office work on my PC my two monitors (one connected through HDMI, the other through DP) suddenly went black. I did all the usual troubleshooting tasks and then went to the more involved stuff. I removed my GPU (Gigabyte 1080ti, two years old) and tried the HDMI through the motherboard - still no video output. Everything appears to be receiving power (Mobo and GPU included) yet whatever I try nothing appears on my monitor(s).
I haven't been doing anything particularly taxing except playing Flight-Sims for 1-2 hours per day, nor have I altered anything regarding the GPU. I did install an extra 16GB of RAM a week ago, but I wouldn't have thought this would affect anything?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated as I need my PC for work! Even if I could get video output through my motherboard it would be a great help!

GTX 1080ti
Asus ROG Stryx B360-G Gaming
32GB RAM 2400Mhz (4x8GB)

EDIT I should also add, I've just reset the CMOS and still getting nothing - the PC isn't posting and I'm not getting any output, even from the Motherboard.

EDIT2 I've now managed to get the PC to post, but only after updating the BIOS to its latest version and removing the RAM that occupied slots 2 and 4 (my new RAM). I assume the RAM was what was causing the issue, but I have no idea why. I know my MOBO and CPU were capable of handling 32GB of RAM from four slots, and it worked perfectly for about 12 days (both the BIOS and Windows detected the extra 16GB). I'm drawing a black since I could really use the full 32GB...

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