Question No Video Output On New Build ?

Dec 5, 2020
My Specs:

Ryzen 5 3600 x
Gtx 1060 (soon to be 3070 if they ever get stock)
Msi b550 tomahawk mag
Corsair rm750x psu
Corsair 3200 mhz (8 x 2)
Corsair 250gb nvme m.2
Seagate 2tb hdd

I just built 2 of these pcs both with exact same spec and built in the same way, one works great and i had built that for a friend but the other doesnt output video, all the ez debug lights on the mobo turn off then on in sequence.

The gpu (gtx 1060) is from an older build and i know it worked fine. There is no beep to say the pc has POSTed but i can't find the mobo speaker so not sure there would be one. I have tried moving the ram into different slots and have tried using only one stick, still no succes. I have also tried the gpu in different pcie slots with still no succes, i have checked all cables and they are secure. The bios does not need flashing as it worked on the other pc with no problems. I have also reset the cmos with no deifferent results.

Any help would be greatly appreviated