Question No video output

Apr 6, 2019
I bought a new Legion T730 about two weeks ago. Everything was working great until last night, when the computer suddenly power cycled while I was playing a game, and now no longer outputs video—I have a monitor and a projector, and both say "No signal." The computer still boots up, lights up, lights up my keyboard and mouse, and when I log in (blind), I can still hear system noises. The graphics card still lights up too (there's green text that says "GEFORCERTX2070" on the side), so I'm hopeful that the issue is not a dead card, but I'm afraid that might be it.

I've tried all of the following, but nothing has had any impact:
  • Tested the monitor: connected my Nintendo Switch to the monitor, monitor works
  • Tested the cable: Switched the HDMI cable for another one, still nothing
  • Tested the port: Switched the port I was using with an HDMI-to-Display Port dongle—still nothing, so not just the port.
  • Reset the CMOS by powering down, unplugging the computer, and removing the battery from the motherboard for 30 minutes.
  • Tried resetting the BIOS through startup, but because I can't see what I'm doing I'm kinda guessing with my arrow keys while looking at a screenshot on the support site.
  • Unseated and reseated all of the cables connected to the graphics card
  • Powered completely down and restarted countless times, including with all peripherals removed
I'm just at a loss. Any ideas what else I could try?



Feb 3, 2016
Are the fans working on the GPU and have you connected the HDMI cable into gpu not the motherboard one? Went on google to read and keep hearing that people have the same fault no output and that the GPU broken.