Question No video signal unless I switch on the display first + more puzzles

Apr 26, 2020
So, I have owned a Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM for a long time and my modus operandi has always been the same: switch on the PC, switch on the display. Some time ago I bought a Gigabyte Aorus GTX1080Ti off a cryptofarm that went out of business. Everything is splendid, except if I switch on the PC when the display is off, it doesn't send anything to the display and I have to reboot the PC several times until it works. They are connected via a DVI cable.

This didn't bother me much, as I simply started switching the display on first, until the pandemic hit, as now I have a work PC connected to the same display via HDMI. Together they work perfectly fine, I can switch them on in any order. But if I switch off my display after it's been working with my work PC, my video card and the the display stop recognizing each other and I have to do the multiple reset thing again.

However, if I switch on my home PC when the work PC is still sending its video signal over HDMI, everything works perfectly and I can switch the display between them freely or shut down my work PC and even switch off my display until later.

I am completely puzzled by this behavior and don't even know where to start debugging. I hope the DVI is not to blame, as I really want to keep my two PCs on separate interfaces to avoid buying an HDMI KVM switch.