Question No Video Signal


Oct 30, 2013
Hi guys, I have a problem I hope not serious, but I have some doubts.
this morning i turned on the pc and started a game, suddenly black screen and then poof !! video signal and a strange thing, the gpu fans rotate while idle.
I turned it off last night and everything was normal, I played for hours and no problem, then as if by magic this morning the problem.
turns on and starts normally, all leds on, etc. but black screen.
Yesterday something actually happened, while I was playing it froze as it did this morning, with a strange white screen and color dots. When it restarted it had lost the gpu drivers. I reinstalled them and everything was normal from there .
i tried a couple of things,like unplug the gpu and try the integrated video signal,try another monitor,remove the ram,headphones,mouse,ssds,nothing!!!!
what the hell happened during the night from off that hurt him??
I thought about the gpu, but then it should work with the integrated one, but nothing.
furthermore the pc is connected to a continuity group, an SMS which should protect it from eventual current problems.

Mobo - Gigabyte Aorus 570 Elite
CPU - Ryzen 3700
Ram - 8x2 GB Gskill Trident
GPU - RTX 2080 TI MSI X Trio