No Virtual or Physical Disk Found


Jan 15, 2009
Well, it's been a while since I've posted to the forums, but I come to you in need of help. Every time I boot up my EliteGroup P67H2-A2, I received the same message, always twice:

Marvell 88SE91xx Adapter - BIOS Version
PCIe 1x 5.0 Gbps
Virtual Disk:
No Virtual Disk!
Physical Disk:
No Physical Disk!

I then have the option of pressing "Ctrl M" to enter the BIOS, or "space" to continue. If I enter the BIOS, I am taken to a BIOS screen that isn't part of the regular BIOS (RAID section maybe?), and I cannot navigate any of the limited options with my keyboard - everything seems locked up. If I press "space" or just wait a few seconds, I load Windows with no problems, and all of my drives can be seen and accessed. I can't seem to find a whole lot of information regarding this problem, and I would appreciate any insight you fine folks may have to offer. Thanks!
By pressing Ctrl M you went into the raid bios screen and since you don't have a raid setup there is nothing you can do there. Those messages of no virtual disk and physical disk : no physical disk , can be ignored , I get the same thing , just ignor it and as you can see it loads into Windows without any issues.
Well maybe there is not a way to turn it off in the bios I was just giving it a shot because there are usually a lot of different options in there.
Does the fact that the light staying on bother you or are you concerned that something is wrong.
I had an Asus Rampage 111 Extreme and the Rog light aas well as the start and reset would stay on but you could turn the Rog light off in the bios. When the Pc was off the Rog light would pulse on and off at a slow pace and once you turned it on the rog light would stay on.