No Voltage Allowed! RTX 2070 Week old card will not let the MSI afterburner up the voltage slider

Feb 10, 2019
For those of you familiar with the MSI afterburner app, the slider at the very top is the core GPU voltage (for the newest version, beta of afterburner which comes with an overclock scanner).

When I try to scan or benchmark my performance for the card and attempt to increase the voltage in any way (the voltage scare is 0-100% there is not a specific voltage you can put in pertaining to units) the program craps out or my screen goes black forcing me to make a hard reset.

Can RTX 2070’s be messed with on voltage! Every tutorial says to max it out but I can’t even go +10!

For the program I use superstition and I have a 750 W gold rated PSU, an i9-9900K cpu and an ASUS Z390-A Mobo. My GPU has been having problems as well with connecting via DisplayPort to my monitor (especially after a crash).

Please help! Don’t want to have to send back my entire PC and rebuild it ! Thank you

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