Review Noblechair Epic TX Black Edition Review: A Noble Fit for the Office and Home


Sep 11, 2019
Yet another clone chair with the hard arms. Would love to see a review of one of the gaming chairs that has actual padded arms as I don't know too many gamers that play RPG's that don't rest their elbows and/or forearms on the armrests while playing. I know I do, and I would never use any chair that didn't have padded armrests. So, let's see some reviews of the other brands of chairs out there that have more features starting with the padded armrests, possible ones that recline or maybe even have retractable footrests.
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Tom Sunday

Jul 24, 2020
It most certainly is a very noble chair. An Epic to be sure, a racing-inspired gaming chair, sleek and stylish. Wow…what a choice indeed $420 to $600. Surely in times like these I do need to sit down a lot to peruse my life and financial condition. Inflation causing me to be broke most of the time. I guess I will need to be holding-on to my almost newly touted ‘Salvation Army’ office chair costing a cool $25 even with someone having earlier installed new premium rubber casters for hardwood flooring. Lucky me! Talk about racing…I rushed this morning over to Tustin, as gas was a few cents cheaper then in any other gas stations around. Still paid $7,84 per gallon. Welcome in visiting sunny LA! Just perhaps the NOBLE people will send me a free chair for real life testing and as I sit heavy in the saddle to ponder what my next moves will be. Greetings from the man on the street!