Question Noblechairs HERO - loose armrests

Mr. White

Aug 28, 2020
Good afternoon everyone!

I bought my Noblechairs HERO gaming chair in January this year. After month or two its armrests began to loose. Now it feels like it's a chair bought from a flea market.

Here you can see the situation:

For Noblechairs users, have you had this kind of problems? Should I ask for replacement parts or just let them be? By looking at the mechanism used in those armrests, it feels like it's going to be the same after two months whether I replace it or not.

Thanks! :giggle:
you have found out that all gaming chairs are JUNK. That is just the way it is, a SCAM to get your money. You are better off going to Staples and getting a good comfortable office chair for around $180

I've sat in very many, and they all suck the big bone lick.

Whatever you do to your current chair, yeah, it's going to revert to loose junk no matter what you replace.

here is what you should have bought

Union & Scale™ FlexFit Dexley Mesh Task Chair, Black (UN56946) | Staples

I have one and it's WONDERFUL. Never had a problem