Nobody playing "Full Spectrum Warrior" online?


Dec 31, 2007
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Man, I have no idea how this game ("Full Spectrum Warrior") slipped under my
radar. Had it not of been for picking up "Brothers In Arms", my attention
would not have been brought to "Full Spectrum Warrior".

"Brothers In Arms" is an outstanding game, but I will dare to say that I am
getting much more enjoyment out of "Full Spectrum Warrior". Perhaps I'm
subjective from having been in the military (airborne infantry, 82nd,
2/504th, '92-'96), but I've always had more enjoyment from
squad/platoon-based games by directing fire teams/squads rather than behind
behind iron sights. While it would be impossible for a video game to
re-create all of the dynamics of battlespace, FSW is a very noble attempt.
The tactics, for the most part, are straight of the FM 7-8 Infantry
Squad/Platoon field manual -- with some modification, of course, to take the
limitation of a 2D screen into effect.

Its not perfect, no game is. There are some quirks. I.e., during the
training scenerios I went outside of the script and found the scenerio had
to be restarted. Once in the campaign, its smooth sailing though.

The scripts in the game are pretty good also, if not hilarious at times.
The dialogue, in both the FMV's and gameplay, is good for chuckle. Also,
its very cool that the videos are done by using actual game rendering, which
blends straight into game play.

Surprised nobody seems to playing it online though. I even set up a game
several times, waited a half hour, and nobody showed up.

If you are more into tactical strategy versus just charging up the gut and
shooting everyone that isn't dressed like you, definetly pick up FSW. Its
even only $20. I may even dare to say that this might, in fact, become my
favorite game on the XBox.

BTW: Don't cheat yourself. Enter "SWEDISHARMY" at the cheats menu and
unlock the "Authentic Mode". To unlock the "Official Army Version", enter
"HA2P1PY9TUR5TLE". This version allows for much more dynamic settings and
has many scenerios reflecting current real-world events. I.e., guarding an
election site against insurgents in the midst of civilians -- some welcoming
your presence while others that may turn into unlawful combants at any given
moment. The controls are different in this version, so you'll need to look
at them from the main menu in this version. (When the code is entered, this
version launches an independent game.) I'm currently plugging through the
main game, in "Authentic Mode" of course, but look forward to playing this
version after completion of the main game to include the extra downloadable

Anyway, if this sounds like your type of game, definetly pick it up. If you
are mainly only into first person shooting, then your might be slightly
bored with this game -- but if you like strategy, its very enjoyable. (Too
bad it doesn't seem to be popular online though.)



Archived from groups: (More info?)

The problem with the online play is there no adversarial mode, just
co-op. I agree that this game is fun as hell and the extra content is