Mar 14, 2010
Hi all, working with a new build and somethings boggled me

I recently purchased and installed a Noctua DH-14 cooler on my AMD rig, its a 955BE running on a Gigabyte MA785GT-UD3H mother board, ive noticed in bios and speed-fan the 2 fans on the Noctua unit are only running at 900/950 RPM, and im sure they are supposed to be running at 1200rpm

I have double checked the connections and have ensured the mother board has both 24pin and 8pin connectors and with the main 140 fan in the cpu fan connector and the other 120 on a seperate fan connector location, none of the supplied power connectors are in use.

Am i mistaken and the fan is running at its normal speed, or is the motherboard specifically reducing the power or is there a 3rd element im missing, im currently boggled with this.

Henry Chinaski

Mar 16, 2010
The speed of the P12 (the 120mm one) is 1300rpm. The speed of the P14 is 1200rpm. If they run at lower speed is because your mobo controls the rpms of your fans. If the cpu temperature is not high, the mobo considers that is not necesary to increase the rpms and gives to the cooler fans less energy.
Anyway, if you want them running at maximum speed, just change it in bios (hardware monitor) from "optimal" to "performance", or something similar...