Question Noctua NH-D15

Apr 27, 2020
Hi !

I'm actually trying to install a Noctua NH-D15 into my aorus z390 pro, but i'm at the " Fastenning the heatsink to the cpu " part but i can't get the screw to fit, i tried to slightly screw one and do the other, i tried both screws at the same time, i tired to apply pressure on the screws but nothing is working so far,

I really need help for this !

Mobo: Aorus z390 pro
Cpu: Intel i7 9700k
What did you do that made it work??

Really, one fan is sufficient.
But, there are some options for setting up dual fans.
I assume you have some fancy ram heat spreaders which is the problem.

  1. If you have sufficient height, you can mount the front fan higher on the cooler.
  2. If you have sufficient room, you can mount the second fan on the other side pulling air in.
  3. Swap the ram which is not such a great idea if that costs you anything.
4, Use a smaller 120mm fan in front.

FWIW, the NH-D15s is a higher compatibility version which only uses one fan in the middle and performs almost the same.
Apr 27, 2020
With the case i use ( Fractal focus g ) i don't have enough height or space to setup the second fan i think unless i swap the cooler in the other direction ( top/bottom unlike left/right like here ).

But if a small 120mm fan can work too it's ok i guess unless i ship this cooler back and maybe get a more adapted one ? I don't now if it's worth the time if it works good like that.
I would suggest just run with one fan and see how you do.
What is your cpu?
Unless you are running a i9-9900K you should be fine.
Love the case. Two front 120mm intakes should be sufficient.
I might add a 120mm rear exhaust to direct the cooling air past the D15 and out the back.

If you think you are running too hot, add a 120mm fan in front of the cooler.

No sense in swapping for a NH-D15s.
You will get essentially the same cooler with only the same middle fan.