Build Advice Noctua NH-L12S Screw problems HELP!!


Aug 13, 2020

i've got a Noctua NH-L12S, Aorus mITX PRO Wifi, and a i7-9700 + Nouvolo steck as a case.

The problem is that I mounted yesterday the mobo with the ram, cpu, all good.

Was going to mount the cooler and did this:

  1. Took the backplate and mounted (only 1, only 1 direction possible to fit, all good)
  2. Mounted the 4 separators (black ones that are for Intel)
  3. Mounted the 2 brackets with the nocth upside, only 1 for 1151
  4. Mounted the 4 screws that comes for Intel and there you go.
  5. Apply some thermal paste and time for the cooler/heatsink
  6. Align the screws on the 2 notches and start twisting.

I pressed with force still nothing, the only way to its tight, it's if I screw one screw but like pushing it, I can fit it well but then the whole cooler is a bit oblique and I have to put major pressure on it so the other screw aligns with the notch, and I don't think thats too good.

So my question is.. how dammit hard I have to press to screw it, I already bent a bit the cooler by pressing it.. I don't want to break the mobo but idk, thinking of going to a place that builds PC's and let them mount it because I'm not sure if I did something wrong or it's just me that doesn't press enough (even if I applied some good pressure but anyways)

Do you have any idea of what could be wrong?

Thank you!

PS: Do you think it will fit the cooler if I move the fan on top the heatsink (Clearence mode) in a Nouvolo Steck?


May 28, 2020
I installed a noctua cooler recently with a similar mounting system I think (the screws on the cooler itself are 'female' screws that go into male bracket which should look something vaguely like this. If that's the case its the same or similar mounting system as yours)

Getting the screw started is tricky, you have to align the female screw with the male screw just right to get it in. But once you do manage to get one screw started you can loosen the screw as much as you can without it being unscrewed entirely. The more you can loosen it without it being unscrewed entirely the easier it will be to install the opposite screw.

This should keep the first screw in place while allowing you to start the opposite screw. You may have to apply more downward force to get the screw on the opposite side to align properly (don't use too much force, don't wanna damage anything) and this should allow you to get both screws started.

Key word here is to start both sides of the screw - do not screw them in beyond just starting them.

Once you get both screws started you want to screw both in equally. My NH-D14 manual said to do 3 rotations on one screw, then 3 rotations on the opposite screw and to keep doing this until its held firmly in place.

I hope this helps!