Noisy DVD drive in new laptop


Jan 24, 2012
I recently bought a new Samsung notebook with AMD A6 processor. The DVD drive is making some weird noises which I haven't heard in any other laptops before. But, it's able to read/play the files properly.
I have tried several CDs and DVDs. They are working fine in another laptop. So, it's not a problem with the media.
1. When I push the Eject button, it makes a crackling noise
2. When it reads/plays the file, it makes a grinding noise apart from the usual humming noise
3. When I close the file, it makes a ticking noise until the drive spins down
4. When I open the DVD tray again, the disc comes out spinning in the tray. I have never seen a disc spinning while coming out. I have used Dell, HP, IBM and Toshiba laptops before.
I tried Nero DriveSpeed. The max speed was 24X. I set it to Silent (16X). That didn't help either.
Any idea what could the problem be?
Should I just return the laptop and get a new one?
I heard Samsung laptops are reliable. May be I got a lemon.


Jun 16, 2011
Yes Samsung laptops are reliable.

DVD Drives all behave differently Some may be silent some load as a blender :D

1.That is the normal sound of the hook/hinge unlocking
2.It is the DVD spinning fast in order to find and read the file.
3.Closing the file causes it to save the file Or if it's read only then it is spinning to the default/beginning location on the disk.
4.That is also normal This is due to the DVD drive not completely stopping the disc. It takes less strain on the dvd drive motor.

I know it must be normal Cause it does that on my laptop. But on my External USB drive It is pretty quiet.

Also about the rattling sound it may be that the DVD drive is not tightly fastened.