Non Clockers new budget build


Dec 25, 2012
Let me know what you think of a future proof non clocking budget build rig..... will only be upgrading to higher ram and single gpu card.

ASRock Extreme 4 Z77 lga 1155 mobo
Intel I5 3570k CPU
Phanteks CPU cooler
Gskills rijpaws ( 2 x 4gb ) 8gb DDr3
EVGA gtx 460 superclocked ( 1 card )
1TB WD black HDD
Seasonic x650w psu
Cooler Master Haf X with mega flow upgraded Led fans

Is it overkill to have the phanteks on this cpu since I will never overclock it on this huge HAF x case?

I was also thinking of maybe doing an H80 setup to clean it up and add a GSKILL ram cooler....


Oct 29, 2012
1. Change your Motherboard to H77 board since you won't overclock.
2. Change your CPU to 3570. The non-k version. since you won't overclock.
3. I'm not sure about the cpu cooler but since you won't overclock might as well drop it. You don't need it unless you want a different look on your unit.
4. Change your gpu card to newer series, if your into nvidia, 660 ti/670. if your into amd, 7950/7970.

You could save money on changing the motherboard, cpu and dropping the cpu cooler to buy a better gpu card.