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Jun 24, 2019
I have a non-gaming PC which currently has a wired keyboard and mouse. A long while back, I did try wireless keyboard/mouse but I found that sometimes I would get stuck or laggy keystrokes or lagging or jittery mouse. This was with Logitech and Microsoft input devices, so I've stuck with wired for a long while. Technology has moved on so willing to give this another go. It's purely for a non-gaming environment.

I really like ergonomic keyboards (e.g. Microsoft natural ones) and I really like the more vertical mouse (e.g. like the Anker one). I haven't found a keyboard and mouse bundle deal where both devices that I like and therefore it seems like I may need to buy individual items. Most of these devices come with USB dongles that it connects to but is this using standard Bluetooth or using something proprietary? If it's using standard Bluetooth then I can connect directly with my PC that already has Bluetooth built in. However, if it uses proprietary then I'll have to use two USB sockets which are not ideal (unless I end up finding a keyboard and mouse bundle that I like).

Some wireless keyboards come with a dongle and only use it. Others are Bluetooth only. And others have both: you can use the dongle or Bluetooth. Just be sure to read the specs on the keyboard and mouse you want to use.

Also I believe a lot of bundles have separate dongles anyway, at least from notable peripheral companies. They're just bundling two separate products together. Though Logitech's dongles are capable of supporting multiple devices, you just have to set this up in their software.
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