non-native res gaming on lcd - a solution


Jan 27, 2005
Here's something I found out that isn't mentioned in reviews on THG etc.

I just got an Iiyama E435S LCD (17", 1280x1024) on a 6600GT PCIX, connected with a DVI cable. I found that if you use the DVI connector as opposed to DSUB, then an extra tab appears on the nVidia control panel offering options for non-native resolutions. This option doesn't even show up when connected via DSUB.

There are options for scaling by video card, scaling by monitor and "centred with black borders". So, if your game is best ran at 1024x768, then pick that option and marvel at the lack of scaling.

Obviously the image isn't quite as big when viewing a 1024x768 picture in a 1280x1024 sized window with borders, but if your PC isn't up to it and you want clarity over size, this is a great option.

Like I said, I've never read this anywhere, so many people might be as surprised as I was to find the option. If you didn't know about it, you probably wouldn't have looked either...

Cheers :)


Jun 11, 2001
That is good to know. I've actually wondered when people talked about native resolution why this very solution hadn't been figured out. So you get the bliss of working on a 23" LCD screen for example while being able to properly game at 1024x768 instead of some godly unplayable resolution. Thanks for putting that in my head when I start playing games on LCD of these days hopefully.

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