Non-shielded Cat6 + POE


Dec 21, 2016
I have found the forums helpful in my project but I feel the need to double tap a couple things.

When I started, I overlooked the cable specifics and grabbed a roll of Cat6 from my local Home Depot. Didn't put much more thought into the cable at the time.

I have a 3inch conduit that I dropped all the way from the attic to the basement appox 22ft.
In the basement everything is bundled all the way to the rack for another 5ft.

Right now I have the wire in place for the 4 Security Camera's (POE 2k) and I'm planning an additional 2 lines in each of the 4 bedrooms.

Inside the conduit nothing is bundled or zip tied right now.

I called 2 local installers today and both took the time to answer my question but they had polar opposite answers. First person said they didn't thing I would have any issue with cross talk/alien cross talk. The second person said rip it all out.

I have a 24 port patch panel below a Netgear switch (NETGEAR-PROSAFE-FS728TP-V2-24-PORT-POE-4-PORT-GIGABIT-ETHERNET-SWITCH)

My intention was to use the Gigabit ports for the modem(Arris 6190), Camera NVR, NAS and finally the Netgear X6 Wifi-router that will be up in the living room and the wired ports off that can feed all my needs in the Entertainment center.

I cant find a good reason to run the Cameras to the switch and connecting the switch to the NVR so I'm just going to run them all to the NVR and then connect the NVR like mentioned above.

I have been able to avoid coming within 6 inches of any power lines.

Anybody have something similar where cross talk in either form was an issue or does anyone think that I may run into an issue? I'll take any advice even if its just connecting the devices in another order.

If it helps the Camera setup is the Lorax/Flir 2kHD and the supplied cables are 5E although I ran my own Cat6 just so I could get a jump on the Install instead of waiting. Although I plan to add 4 more camera's they will not be routed in the same path except for the final 5ft as I have everything routed inside the walls, nothing is exposed. From what I understand it shouldn't make a difference but the conduit is shared by 5 coax lines for satellite, I know those are shielded pretty well.

If you made it this far thank you and any suggestions appreciated.

Happy Holidays ,

If you ave the NVR and cameras on a switch the traffic doesnt need to leave the switch, thus reducing bandwidth across the the rest of the network. The only reason camera traffic needs to pass through the router is for viewing from outside the network. You will not have a problem with crosstalk, it is a real problem in certain scenarios but is over played.