Question None of my case fans turn on. Please assist!


May 5, 2013
Hey everyone, hoping someone could give me some insight on this. Currently in the process of building a new PC. Finished installing everything yesterday and got it to post. Unfortunately, aside from my radiator fans not a single one of my case fans turned on at all. No spinning, no rgb, nothing. I'm running 7 Thermaltake Riing RGB Premium fans with a X570 Crosshair 8 Hero MoBo. Three fans in the front, three on top, one on the back. All 120mm fans. Images linked at the end of the post.

Because I only just found out about and ordered the Thermaltake fan controller with 9 ports, I'm trying to set these two controllers up but I feel like maybe I'm just missing something. The manual doesn't make it super clear how it's supposed to be set up but I'll attach pictures of how I have it connected. I'm connecting them together via a bridge cable included. Now what I suspect could be the culprit is the fact that each of these controllers is powered via a molex connector. The issue is, when I was first connecting one of those molex, the pins got pushed out of its socket and I can't get it to cleanly enter the other end of the connection without the molex pins being forced out. The thing is though even when I disconnected that molex (each controllers needs to be powered separately) and left only the other controller plugged in, which I had no issues connecting, still none of the fans would get power at all. This is why I ordered the more recent 9 port hub which is also powered by SATA.

Apologies if this post is all over the place or not clear enough, quickly writing this up in the middle of work. If someone has a question about anything I won't hesitate to clarify. Thank you for the assistance guys.

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Nov 21, 2019
Please post a pic of inside of molex connector.
You should be able to gently pull pin out with needle nose pliers.
  1. power to unit is a sata connector (fig 1) - this is what powers everything.
  2. Led in - how you intend to control unit.
  3. Pwm from motherboard to control fan speed ( fig 2)
  4. It looks like you have the fans connected
This should be a start, good luck
Pic shows a Cpu cooler which normally have their own connections.
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