Noob needs a hand


Jun 16, 2009
Hi guys,

build my first system on Saturday and have a few questions I need a hand with... wondered if anyone can help with ANY of the questions..

i)Windows 7 index scores ok apart from my hard drive which is 5.9? (all other 7.2/5)

ii)How do I set timings for my memory?

iii) I used AMD overdrive tool and changed multiplier from 16 to 17.5 to get 3.5ghz - which is ok for now... but when I restarted my pc is went back to the orginal settings of 3.2?

iiii)How do I overclock my gpu?

Thanks guys... if anyone knows the answer to ANY please feel free to chip in...

Much love


MY RIG - 955 BE: Sapphire 5850: MSI GD70: Sunbeam Core contact freezer: 4 gig Ripjaw DDDR3 1600: WD Cav 640gb: Corsair 850HX: Win 7
I can give you advice about overclocking the gpu. First download riva tuner and install. Next after running the program check your temps (should be below 70~80c) at idle and turn the fan speed up to lets say 60%. Then start increasing the core clock in small incriments of 5~10mhz till you either see artifacts or the driver stops responding then go down a little bit to ware there are no problems when running games.