[SOLVED] Noob question about CPU oc (HWinfo results)

May 11, 2019
I have a ryzen 3 1200 so i want to oc it a bit, i set from bios at 3.6Ghz - 1.263v. But when i opened HWinfo and run couple of Prime95 test then i see so many results from HWinfo, even i set at 1.263v it's only use 1.238v VID current. Meanwhile down there under CPU Core Voltage SVI2 it's show at 1.275v, also under the motherboard section i see Vcore run at 1.296v. Please help me read these results, why there are so many like this ?? And should i change my voltage from bios again ? if yes, then how much ? THANKS You !!!



VID is not the same as core voltage. Plus, what you SET something at, isn't what it's going to remain at or stay at at all times. Vdroop and fluctuating loads will require adjustments to the voltage by the system.

If you want to keep core voltage from dropping you can increase the Line load calibration, IF your BIOS has that setting, and that will stiffen up the vdroop but it will also greatly increase the thermal response and beyond some minor adjustments to LLC you should just leave it at the stock setting UNLESS you see significant vdroop or you are having instability issues during testing. Reading up on LLC will give you a much clearer picture of what needs to be done.
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