Question normal gpu idle temp on 1660ti?

Sep 3, 2021
So this is my first time owning a modern-ish gpu and i have concerns about the temp. My 1660ti idles on 30-35c with air conditioning on and 35-40c without AC. I'm not undervolting or ocing it since it provides my needs at stock. Gaming temps are fine (I think). I don't have anything running in the background except the drivers of my peripherals. What exactly is this hotspot temp and what part of the gpu gets this hot from the moment i start my pc? I have no third party software to change the fans and i prefer not to. According to gpu-z fans are at 29% speed and 1019 avg rpm on idle. My last two gpus (1050ti and Sapp. Nit. rx570 4gb) is always running at 27-29c with or without AC. I have 6 fans in the case with the recommended intake and out take with a large case to fit all of them and my place is at an open place. Specs below if it helps. Thanks : )


Hot spot is the hottest sensor on the gpu die.

Idle temp does not matter - there is too much variance, plus some cards have a fan off mode when they're below a specific temperature.
Gpu core load temperatures below 82C matters more.

EDIT: Ok, idle temperature doesn't matter as much. There's a little too much obsession over it.
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