North america fastest computer


May 19, 2001

19 teraflop on a 4000 itanium 1.4 GHZ (3Mb ?) with a effiency of 86.9%.Highest record i know others itanium systemes are in the range of 70% to 85%.

Others recent itanium news

Itanium Montcito will feature some new RAS capacity.
A onboard overclocking it will overclock itself and decrease it own frenquency base on the workload and ambient temp.A mainframe speedstep.

Code name foxton

The new thing also is the ability to lockstep cpu in hardware mode.Excution of any instruction will be done with 2 cpu or 2 core (not clear in the news) result will be compare.It very different from IBM mainframe feature that Z series have.

Code name Pellston

For vanderpool project i dont know if montecito will use it.
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