Norton Disk Doctor error message on IBM 307030



I recently installed WIN 98 on my own build PC. After using IBM's DriveGuide utility to partition and format my HD's every thing seems fine BUT Norton is showing me the following message everytime I try to run DISK DOCTOR:

"Error on hard disk 1 - An extended partition is invalid

An extended partition has invalid parameters and is probably inaccesssible.
Correct this situation if you are unable to access partitions on hard disk 1.
Do you wish to correct this problem?


The first time I chose to fix it and after rebooting I missed one of the four partition. I ran undo and recovered it.If I choose to ignore the message I can complete the test,BUT it still troubles me that every time I decide to run it I have to endure the same problem.

It this a result of using DriveGuide to make the partitions intead of FDISK.

P.S. I ran FDISK/STATUS and it report the four patitions but I got an 8 under Free. I'm guessing those are 8 bytes.
Should I be worried?

Enlight 7237 case
Thunderbird 1.1Ghz
Abit KT7 Raid
256mb PC 133mhz Micron Cas 3
(2) IBM 30Gb ATA 100 HDs on IDE_3 and IDE_4 as Master
Plextor 12\10\32 CD-RW on IDE_1 as master
Pioneer 16X DVD on IDE_2 as master
Hercules Guillemot 3D Prophet II GTS Pro 64MB DDR o/c 220 mhz & 460 mhz
Sound Blaster Live X-Gamer on PCI_4
TEC Floppy
3COM V.90 FAX PCI Performance Pro modem on PCI_2

Thanks in advance for your prompt response!


Dec 31, 2007
I've found that Norton Disk Doctor is very finicky when it comes to partitions. It won't work on my second partition at all. I use Norton on my C, and MS Scandisk on my D. I've never had a problem though so I don't worry about it.


Utilities are a pain in the butt, and if you can get along without them then so much the better, Disk doctor is very finicky, and if it dosent get its own way it can spit the dummy, if your sys is running fine with no probs, them dont create one for yourself