Not a Single Game RUNS !!!

Oct 24, 2018
I have a dh61ww intel desktop board and I can't run any games on it (except cs1.6 and vcop2 and some other flash games). For eg: Gta vice city says it needs at least 12 mb of ram. I have 4gb ram. The main problem is the integrated graphics card. When i install the latest graphics driver the whole screen just gets filled with Blue dots and the pc freezes with arrow loading button and then Black!!!! .Uninstalling the driver from safe mode corrects the dots issue but again i can't play any games. My specs are

i3 2100 3.10 ghz
500gb hdd
4gb ddr3 ram
Note: I have played 4K video in youtube.

Pc problem


For most games, you actually need a graphics card that is a whole lot better then the little one built into the CPU.

If you have a budget for one, let us know what it is and these guys can help you pick one. We will also need to know which exact power supply you have so we can make sure the new card gets enough power.