Not able to connect 3 monitors with speaker system altogether. Need HELP

Sai Prathik

Apr 2, 2014
My current setup includes 3 monitors and normal speaker (with green 3.5mm cable), and everything was working fine.

My System config - Graphic card - Zotac gtx 710; Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-H110M-H LGA 1151 M-ATX;
Monitors : 1. LG LED monitor ( 3 monitors)

Later i purchased an audio system which is -
Home theatre - SOny HT- IV 300 5.1 DOlby Digital

Now my problem is -
My graphic card has 3 ports only which i connect to the monitors and i connected the sony audio to the hdmi port of motherboard, Now i am not getting sound from the audio system.

I tried interchanging the ports from graphic card to motherboard and still I am not getting any sound

I am only able to get the sound when i connect only 2 displays and audio system, but when i connect the 3rd monitor , audio stops working.

Can u please help me out with my issue.
I really appreciate if anyone could help me out.
Thank You

Images for reference -
Link for motherboard -

Link for sony audio -

Normal way of connecting 5.1 audio system would be with optical audio cable.
Problem is - your motherboard doesn't have optical audio output. You'd need to get a sound card with optical out (like Xonar DGX - for example).

Another way of connecting would be with HDMI cable (from graphics card to Sony HDMI in and from Sony HDMI-out to monitor).
Connect remaining 2 monitors to graphics card.