Question Not all memory detected, please help.

Feb 20, 2020
Hello everyone,

I am in dire need of help.

some time ago we tried upgrading my laptop from 6gb to 8gb.
My laptop has a 4gb and 2gb stick of ram.

We replaced the 2 for the 4 and tried starting it up, it would not. so we put back the 2gb and stopped trying.

I realised a few days later my laptop was only recognizing 2gb of ram instead of the 6gb I tried reseating them did not work.

So I thought maybe I damaged the 4GB stick because we briefly removed that one aswell.

I ordered 2 4GB ram sticks with 10600s instead of the stock 12800s Because they were cheaper and I heard did not make a big difference.

So I installed them and again nothing no boot.

I then looked on the internet for hours. updated everything even my BIOS.
still nothing.

I tried swapping the stick, removing the BIOS battery.

I cant find anything online anymore what I have not yet tried.

its only detecting 2gb of ram in both slots.

But if I use speccy or memtest86 it sees that both ram are installed and shows the correct values.

Acer Aspire E5-573


Go to Acer's website and find the User Guide/Manual applicable to the E-573.

Take a close look at what RAM is supported and in what configurations.

You must read the footnotes and other "fine print." Details matter so look at the specs very carefully. All must match.

Or visit the websites for RAM manufacturers. Many offer tools to identify the applicable RAM modules for many makes and models of computers.

And you must also read the applicable installation and configuration instructions.