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Jan 16, 2018
Hey there. This issue is bugging me to hell and back. I have a HyperX headset but the 3.5mm jacks only either detect it as a headphone/microphone (not a headset, can't get it to work as both), and with the USB adapter the mic just doesn't work for some reason, even though it worked fine just days ago. Headphone randomly stopped working, unplugged it and plugged it back in, sound was working fine, only that my mic wasn't anymore. It doesn't even detect it as a "HyperX Cloud Stinger S", which it did before I reinstalled Windows, it's now just "Hi-res USB-C audio". Anyway, I thought I could somehow fix this by installing an audio manager to set the input jack to a "headset", so it treats it both as a playback and record device, like I can do on my laptop, but every single time I try to install it, nothing happens, nothing gets installed, I restart my pc, Realtek is nowhere to be found, and no matter how many times I run the installer, remove Realtek(R) Audioy, and reinstall it, it just does nothing after the restart. What do I do? I'm extremely annoyed and completely lost, lol.

Edit: Managed to install Realtek finally, as in I can see it's folder and everything, but now the problem is that I just can't seem to start up RAVCpl64? When I "start" it, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
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So you read the note on Asrock site? - This download contains only the driver package, the Realtek Audio Control will be downloaded via Microsoft store when an internet connection is available.
says to refer to FAQ - - See question 469

the version on the Asrock website are old, they are from June 2019
Latest ones you want are on here -
but you meant to get those via windows update.

the drivers are 2 part. one part is from windows store, other is the driver. you appear to be missing the Audio control part.

can you run this, curious what Audio drivers you have
Can you download and run Driverview -
All it does is looks at drivers installed; it won't install any (this is intentional as 3rd party driver updaters can get it wrong)

When you run it, go into view tab and set it to hide all Microsoft drivers, will make list shorter.

Now its up to you, you can look through the drivers and try to find old drivers, or you can take a screenshot from (and including)Driver name to (and including)Creation date.

upload it to an image sharing website and show link here (I only need the non Microsoft drivers)

All I would do is look at driver versions (or dates if you lucky to have any) to see what might have newer versions.
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