Question Not displaying from GPU and keyboard FN keys not working

Sep 22, 2020
Hi. I don't usually ask to communities/forums like this but I am really on a pickle right now. Two days ago, I was casually gaming on my PC. Not necessarily stressing the GPU and/or CPU or anything, just casual gaming. I was able to turn off the PC but then the following day I suddenly could not see display on my monitor. I immediately assumed it was the drivers that I forgot to update in the past. So I tried multiple methods to troubleshoot and finally was able to boot my PC (I configured the display setting in my BIOS from "Auto" to "PCIe"). I updated the display driver then tried to restart the PC to check if things are back to normal. But it still was not displaying out from my graphics card. I tried to configure BIOS again so I could use my PC properly again. But everytime I restart it always reverts from the configured "PCIe" to the original option "Auto".

Another problem I am currently facing is that the function keys in my keyboard are not working. And my keyboard software could not read my keyboard as well. I figured this was caused by my first problem as well...

Here are my PC specs for reference (not that great so go easy on me lol):
CPU: i5-7400 (stock cooling)
RAM: 1x8gb
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1060 6gb
MoBo: ASUS B250M-A
PSU: DeepCool 600W (came with the case)

and the keyboard that could not be recognized was a Logitech G512

Any advice on what should I do? Thanks for the answer.