Question Not have a recommended resolution and the graphic card work weird

Dec 15, 2022
I posted a thread already and I dont know if this server have 1 post in 24hours rule or not but it have sorry in advance

There is also a 2nd problem to address and I dont wanna do it in 1 thread since it might be confusing so I am making a new one for it

I didnt had a recommended resolution before but I was able to make it using CRU. But I am not able to make one on this gpu

I bought used 750ti and had 180watt psu. It was working so I thought I will upgrade psu later. I used it on window update driver for 750ti which was not latest and I think it was around 442.xx something version of the driver and it was working great, I had display feature in nvidia control panel but one problem that I didnt had recommended resolution which was problematic for the games i had, like sakiro and valorant, They were 'out of signal range'. So I upgraded the driver to the latest 527.56 and Surprisingly it reduce features . I didnt had 'Display task' on 'nvidia control panel'. Nor did I got a recommended resolution.

I thought it was because of my low psu and because of that my GPU was not getting enough power for it to work. I plug it in my friend pc and it was working like a charm, with having a recommended resolution. So, I upgraded my psu to ant esport 400watt and I still have the same problem. I have no idea what is the cause