Question Not Overclocking! But getting Power Limit Throttling etc..

Aug 31, 2020
Hey guys, recently started experiencing issues with my new build. Being new to the PC world i wasn't sure what was wrong and after doing research and downloading some tools I was able to get an idea of what's going on. Using the HWINFO64 i was able to see that i flagged Power Limit Exceed 0-9 core, Package/ Ring Power Limit Exceeded, Package- Level RAPL/ PBM PL1, Inefficient operation, Package-Level RAPL/PABM PL2, RL3. When opening Call Of Duty. As far as the temp sensors everything looks to be ok. Using the Intel Utility Tool, I only get the Power Limit Throttling. Even with just the internet I receive the Power Limit Throttling and sometimes it doesn't happen. It seems to do it more so after its been triggered if that makes any sense. The only thing i did was enable xmp when i got the comp up and running. I have since disabled it, but it didn't change anything. Not sure why all of a sudden i would be having issues, granted the computer is about a month old or so. Like i mentioned i am a newbie so i will try and answer any question's to the best of my ability. Thanks

Intel i9-10900K
MSI Z490 Godlike
EVGA 2080 ti ftw3 ultra
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