Question Not posting on restart after Windows 10 installation


Jan 9, 2020
I recently swapped my motherboard Asus Prime x570-Pro with the newly released Asus ProArt B550-Creator (for the built-in Thunderbolt 4 I/O ports). My CPU is Ryzen 3950x. My monitor is plugged into GTX 1050 via DisplayPort.

I am trying to re-install Windows 10 (64-bit) on my Samsung Evo 560 SSD, which I used without issues on my previous build. I am using an old Windows 10 DVD via USB DVD drive for the reinstall (which I used in my previous build without issues). I boot up the DVD via BIOS and go through the steps in the Windows installation. When the installation completes and tries to automatically restart, the PC shuts off, turns back on, but nothing shows up on the screen, as if the monitor is not receiving signal / not plugged into anything. I tried turning the monitor off/on and trying the HDMI port both on the video card and on the motherboard with no avail. Thinking that the PC might be "stuck" by peripherals, I also re-plugged in mouse and keyboard but there was no improvement. There is no other external devices plugged in besides the DVD drive. I held the power button until PC shut off the turned it back on. This time, it was able to reach the BIOS (it did not prompt BIOS last time) and I was able to force-boot the SSD, which properly booted up Windows.

Is there a reason why the PC wasn't able to boot properly the first time after the automatic restart? The Windows installation DVD was created around 4 years ago, so maybe the installation package is outdated?