[SOLVED] Not quite sure what to do. please help

May 15, 2020
  1. Hello everybody so im new to pc building and have bought all my parts other then a case. so im wondering if i should wait for my case to arrive around the 25th of may or later because of the pandemic going on. my parts are a ryzen 7 3700x gigabbtye 2070 super OW windforce, Msi b450 carbon pro ac amd 3000 ready, 16gb Ram 2x8 3000mhz, 500gb M.2, 700Wat thermtaltake smart power supply. i bought these parts on the 13th and have them on me currently in their boxes safe. the problem is because of the pandemic they only give me a 15day return or exchange if damaged and I never build a PC. so the main question is should I setup the motherboard and start the build and build it onto of the motherboard like a test bench, seen people do that and then they put it in the case but im wondering if i can build it ontop of my motherboard box and keep it like that till my case arrives and use it like usual and see if the parts work becuase if i wait till the 25th where it might come earlier or later and since my return policy lasts till the 28th and thats only 2 days which i might not be fast enough to set it up and test. and another question, what is the teardown procdurure so i can put it in my case. I do think the parts i remove are the power supply and grahics card and all wires off the motherbaord and just keep the cpu, heatsinnk, ram and storage in and then set it up like normmally?


Jan 12, 2018
Personally, I would wait until the case arrives, but that's because I could probably have it built in a few hours, but if this is your first time building a PC, it just isn't worth rushing, even then though, 2 days should be plenty of time to see if everything works good. The chances of any of those components being faulty out of the box brand new are very slim, and they all look compatible with each other so I don't think you have much to worry about compatibility-wise.

I don't really see anything wrong with starting the assembly off now, as long as you're careful with everything and make sure nothing falls off your desk or something. PC hardware is usually more durable than most people would have you think, but you should still be careful.

That teardown list looks fine to me. You most likely already know this but when you install the motherboard into the case, make sure the case is laying down on it's side so you can drop it in from above. It's much safer and easier than going at it from the side.

In short, you should be fine building it on the motherboard box if you want to and are careful, but I don't see much risk in waiting for the case either, which would be the safer route. Good luck!
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