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I'm trying to rip a cd to an iso image.... Thru Adaptec sofware, goes maybe 2 mbs, starts at 10x and drops to 1x, then gives me a funky error. Plextor DisDupe2000 just gives me an error from the get go. so i instal trusty old NTI from my other PC.... Accidently hit NTI file CD (did this do it?) and i get some funky stop error which doesnt stay on screen long enough for me to read.... it reboots by itself..... says (it goes right to) in bios, hangup or some sort, reverting to safe settings. (mentions cpu clock speed). i boot up all the way, try ripping again in NTI CD creator finally and i get the same stop error only without the bios warning.......... wtf......... if it would stay on long enough i'd get the stop error number.

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********* Stop error is 0x0000001E driver is Aspi32.sys *********
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i'm not quite sure where to get the driver from..... the drives wroked fine a few days ago, and i installed nothing new.....<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by bighead78 on 02/27/01 07:25 PM.</EM></FONT></P>


Dec 31, 2007
Try downloading "" from The site explains it better then I could.

(cdEx is a freeware cd ripper you might want to check out too)

Also d/ld and install the newest Plextor software (v1.09 I think).

- JW