Not receiving video output from motherboard

Jun 9, 2018
I’ll start from the beginning. I blew my pc up earlier this year by putting a 125w cpu into a 95w supported motherboard slot. I know I messed up big time.

It wouldn’t turn back on, only the fans and led turn on for a split second. So I tried to use my older cpu and that same thing happened.

Not knowing what it was, I bought a new psu and thought that would work. It did not and it was doing the same thing as before.

I looked up how to test the psu to see if it was defective, it wasn’t and passed the paper clip test. Idk why but I tested my old psu and it passed as well!

So I bought a new motherboard and yes it turned on!!! But then I ran into another problem... It wasn’t getting any type of video output. Back to troubleshooting and researching..

I decided to return the motherboard and psu. And bought another motherboard. Alas the same thing, no video output.

Now I know you are thinking I’m just replacing things without actually troubleshooting. But I was breadboarding the heck out of everything. I have old RAM I was using too. I just wanted to get into bios!!

And I was checking compatibility as I went along as well. So it couldn’t have been that.

Just yesterday I got a another cpu to see if that was the problem. And still no video output, post beeps..

So now I have my motherboard outside the case(to see if shutoffs are the problem) with my GPU, stock of RAM, CPU(with heat sink and fan)speaker.

Also I wasn’t able to wipe harddrive, update or flash bios. My pc died and I’ve been trying to revive it. Please help if you can! I am at my limit and thinking about getting a new pc but I am inpatient as crap right now.

Current build-
Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 R3 (rev1.0)(current mobo)
760GM-P34 FX(Bad mobo)
Sentey Extreme 550w psu(current)
Viotech 600w(returned psu)
Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1866 2x8
Adata DDR3 1333 2x4(old RAM)
AMD Athlon II(Used to test)
AMD FX 4300 (current main cpu)
AMD FX 6350 (cpu that fried my old mobo)
Jun 9, 2018
I have a Sentey Extreme 550w psu and the one I returned was a 600w. The gpu worked fine on it before I destroyed the motherboard with the 125w cpu.