Question Not sure exactly if this is a GPU issue causing completely unresponsive freezing or something else.

Jan 7, 2023
Hello everyone, sorry this is going to be a long post but I am kinda scared right now since this is a very new PC and I want to offer as much context and information as possible. I have AMD gpu and cpu and I build this with a friend who has build a few computers before.

Backstory, last night I was paranoid that some some of my cables were not be fully plugged into my motherboard despite it working for nearly 3 weeks. So I checked and pushed each cable with a moderate amount of force, I did not unplug anything. I also pushed in my GPU stand a bit further in than before and due to the shape of the card it might have pushed the gpu upward by a few degrees. By the way I did all of this with the PC shut down and the power switch off but did not unplug the power cord.
After checking, I boot it up again the first sign of issue was there since it took an entire minute for my mouse to fully register and move the mouse on the screen. I thought nothing of it and played through an entire mission on Vermintide 2 and after finishing it completely just froze, not like a crashed game where you can force close the app (I know since I had it happen before on my old crappy laptop). The screen froze with the last still image and nothing can be done with the keyboard (no tab out and close via task manager nor alt F4). Only way was to press down the power button and reboot the PC.

I ran various tests since something sort of familiar but different happened before with this same system.
Window's memory diagnostic- no error
Command Prompt SFC - no file corruption
Windows Security full scan - no threats
Reliability Monitor - hardware error with LiveKernelEvent 1a1

I thought this is just a one time thing and went to bed. Today, when I booted up my PC this afternoon there was no mouse register lag, everything was quick as usual. I had the system on for hours and even played a few other games for a few hours. Until just 2 hours ago the same thing happened while playing vermintide again but I highly doubt it's the game's fault.
Once again reliability monitor shows LiveKernelEvent 1a1

I took out my GPU and reseated it again in the case. And its booted up fine again.

To elaborate on what I mean when I said something similar happened before, when I first played a more graphically demanding game, the gpu junction temp was hotter than I liked so I undervolted it and ran that game again. It made my monitor go black but I still hear the game sounds. Forced powerdown the system and windows did the thing where it installed the driver on top of my preexisting one so I had to use DDU to clean uninstall it. (I heard DDU could do some wonky things to my chipset with AMD radeon gpus., maybe that is the culprit?) I tinker the voltage to be less risky and no issue since then.
For more information, I have that windows device installation settings off. Fast startup is turned off in power plan too. And I also have windows update off but I did update it when I first set up this PC.

I also forgot to mention that perhaps it is a damaged motherboard? The board came from a far away part of the country and had only the original box with no cushioning. The thermal pad shield thing for the SSD also came off completely. And also the 2 freezes yesterday and today there was no windows installing another driver on top of my preexisting one. I was able to open AMD adrenalin software in contrast to my previous undervolting issues weeks ago.
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do this replug in all power cable from psu to board to see if you still have issue with usb power and to test psu on load use occt stress test and with hwinfo check the voltaes fans speed and temp in system before and on test report values of test here .