Not Sure if its artifacting...


Jun 1, 2009
Hey i have a ATI HD3850 AGP card (i know its AGP but i run crysis on very high no problem) and i get these little red squares for maybe less than a second every now and then. Im just really not sure if its my card artifacting or if its not really a problem since im overclocking. Any help and i would be thankful.
More info: My card idles at 42-43c and it usually maxes out at 80-81c with a 100% Full Load stress test after about a half an hour. That is with stock cooling and custom fan control speed on Riva Tuner. Not sure if thats good or bad since im not experienced with Video Cards that much.


Try to manually set your fan to 100% before Crysis and see if the problem goes away. Artifacts will appear in all videocards once they reach a cetain threshold. Think of water reaching boiling point. All cards, GPUs, CPUs, once they reach a certain temp, errors come out.