[SOLVED] not sure what power supply to get.

Mar 20, 2019
here's the problem my asus M70AD will turn on for just a second than power off and wont even attempt turning on again until i unplug it for 10 sec and plug it back in again, so I'm guessing its the power supply. I called asus to buy a replacement no luck they don't have the one in stock and sounded like they weren't gonna again. I found a couple in Germany but my bank doesn't like the one company and refused the transaction the other was on ebay but its going to take almost a month to be delivered, not an option. I need it by the end of next week. All the power supplies i look at have way to many connectors (my current power supply acbel hbd002 only has an 8 pin and a 4 pin connector) and i know nothing about them and am failing to understand any of what i read. Any help on which power supply to buy would be greatly appreciated.