Question Not sure why my stream keeps pausing?


Aug 4, 2018
Hey guys,

I'm totally stumped here. So my setup is a 9900K locked at 5GHz, 1.265V and haven't had one single crash in over a year. My thermals are always at sub 40 as well. Rams 16GB with a 2080 TI.

My internet speed is 700 down and 25 up with Xfinity. If I stream any game using Geforce experience, whenever my brother watches my stream he reports that it keeps pausing every few seconds. I tried watching on my phone and it pauses there too. He has a pretty beastly setup as well. 8700K with a 1080 TI. He has the exact same internet plan as me. We both live in the SAME town. Yet if I watch a stream from Russia, its perfectly fine on both my desktop and phone.

These results are when I stream using the same PC I'm gaming on.

What's WEIRD as heck is, I built myself another PC dedicated for streaming using an internal Elgato PCIe card and the stream is totally fine when others watch it. But once I go back to streaming on my gaming rig, the pausing and lag persist. I tried seeing if Geforce experience was auto recording, but it isn't.

Another odd thing is when the internet technician setup my brothers modem, his internet wouldn't run at 700 mbps unless a coaxial splitter was used but I've never needed one. To be precise, I live in Chicago and my brother lives in a suburb near Chicago. But it's weird that when we watch each others streams they pause and lag although we have high end stuff but I can watch any other stream in the world flawlessly. So yeah it's also happening on my brothers setup.

Also all my software and Windows stuff is up to date.

Any help? Thanks.