Question Not sure why my system is experiencing horribe "hang" whenever I use chrome.


Mar 20, 2012
Long story short I've had my system for a while now, and it used to run really fast and like a charm. It's the 2011 v3 architecture and 5820k processor.

But now, I'm having issues where lets say I open up youtube and start playing a video, and open a new tab for something else, and switch back to youtube, it will legit take 10-15 seconds to display the video, and the hang sometimes for certain pages loading is insane. I haven't been able to pinpoint an issue exactly.

It's weird because when I play a game like League of Legends, I have zero issue and my fps stays constantly above 120. However, once I use chrome and open multiple tabs I get these problems. Maybe a RAM issue? Maybe it's because I'm still running windows 7 (Lol)? I've updated all drivers, and still nothing.

Specs: 1660 TI, 5280K, ASUS X99 DELUXE, RIPJAWS DDRR4 2666 16GB RAM.
Chrome is a notorious user of ram.
Many report issues with many such tabs open.

If your 16gb of ram is overcomitted it will show up in task manager as a hard fault page rate greater than zero.
A SSD for windows will greatly improve the time to resolve page faults.

Can you try a different browser?