azhar subari

Jan 14, 2009
Hi all,

First time posting anything anywhere !!

I have recently finished assembling a PC for the very first time ( air cooled, too chicken to try water cooled ) ( my old one was bought off the shelf year 2000). After trawling thru the net, I jumped in and decided to overclock my system. I couldn't get the exact info I was looking for so there was a lot of trial and error ( encountered a lot of BSODs !! ....hate them...) Since then, I have a working and stable system now that I'm happy with.

Query please; even when the system was at stock speed, Core0 & Core1 registered about 8~10C higher. Now that it's overclocked, the idle temp hovers between 45~47C for them and 36~38C for Core2 & Core3.

Can someone help me get this right please? I have seen other people posting their readings which are much lower. I truly appreciate any helpful reply. My system specs are as follows :

Case > Antec 1200
CPU > Intel Q6600 ~ clocked at 3GHz
MoBo > ASUS Maximus II Formula
Video > ASUS 9800GTX DK (512MB)
RAM > OCZ Reaper DDR2 PC2-8500 HPC Edition (2GB)
Cooler > Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme , with 120mm fan attached
PSU > Corsair HX620
XiFi sound card, 640GB WesternDig HDD & 2 optical drives.

Thank you.